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There's something so pleasing about checks! I love how they evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, like a cozy blanket or a picnic with friends on a sunny day.

I've done a lot of playing around with checks for this collection and have come up with a mix of pieces from gingham to bolder checks styles.

Designed to be both playful and elegant, these are a great choice if you enjoy the classic appeal of checks with a modern, minimal aesthetic.

Paper or Canvas:

Paper or Canvas



PICNIC 4 Sale price$150.00

Colour Pops Collection

This collection celebrates the beauty of simplicity while making a bold statement.

Dark lines provide structure and boldness while the carefully placed pops of colour add vibrancy - and a bit of fun - to each piece.

Perfect if you like artworks that combine simple minimalism with a touch of vibrancy.

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